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Release Date: 2018-12-25
Rating: G

Original title  : Holmes and Watson
Directed by  : Etan Cohen
Written by  : Etan Cohen, Arthur Conan Doyle
Starring  : Adam Scherr, Amelia O'Loughlin, Andrew G. Ogleby, Angus Cook, Anjan Kannan, Anthony Richard Rowe, Bella Ramsey, Benjamin Lok, Billy Jenkins, Bronson Webb, Christian Wolf-La'Moy, Codie-Lei Eastick, Colby Mulgrew, Craig Thomas Lambert, Daniel Fearn, Darren Lake, David Bromley, David Handley, David Shackleton, David Stoller, Deepak Anand, Edward Olhausen, Ellie Rose Eames, Ethan Rouse, Gerard Monaco, Hector Bateman-Harden, Henrihs Ahmadejevs, Hugh Laurie, Hugh O'Brien, James Eeles, Jamie Baughan, Jason Thorpe, Joey Grima, John C. Reilly, John Kinory, Jordan Long, Jorge Leon Martinez, Joseph Macnab, Karl Farrer, Kelly Macdonald, Kieran O'Brien, Laura Stevely, Lauren Lapkus, Lilly Aspell, Lindy Barrett, Lochlan White, Mark Anthony Dawson, Mark Behan, Martin Bassindale, Martyn Mayger, Matthew Di Liello, Michael Culkin, Mick Slaney, Neil Main, Nick Davison, Noah Jupe, Oliver Maltman, Paddy Holland, Pam Ferris, Paul Cassidy, Paul T.T. Easter, Pete Freerunner Simpson, Phil Hodges, Ralph Fiennes, Rebecca Hall, Richard Price, Riley White, Rob Brydon, Russell Wilcox, Samantha Sharon Watson, Sara Beasley, Scarlet Grace, Shawn Dixon, Sonnyboy Skelton, Stanley Eldridge, Steve Coogan, Wesley Kent-Hargreaves, Will Ferrell, Willem Dalby, Wolf Roth
Popularity  : 12.747
Production company  : Mosaic, Columbia Pictures, Gary Sanchez Productions
Distributed by  : United States of America
Translations  : English, Pусский, български език, Français, Dansk, Deutsch, Magyar, עִבְרִית, svenska, ελληνικά
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It’s raining spoiler on Sherlock 4: from Mary’s past to the relationship between Holmes, Watson and women (photo). Spoiler rain on Sherlock 4 with new photos: the actors talk about the relationship between Holmes and Watson, women in the series and Mary’s past.

Sherlock 4 returns on January 1 on the BBC One English channel with three new episodes – also broadcast in Italy 24 hours after the original show – but in the meantime rainy spoilers on the new season: photos and new interviews with the main performers confirm what has been said so far by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Viewers will have to prepare for three events in the early evening with fun, tears, shocks, surprises and extraordinary cases.

The main story of Sherlock 4 will focus on the fatherhood of John Watson , who along with his wife Mary will cause some problems to detective Holmes, not used to dealing with diapers and animals – in the promotional images you see Sherlock grappling with a German shepherd . For the occasion, BBC One has released a new promotional image in which the protagonists are gathered in the imaginary studio already seen flooded in a previous photo.

The following picture is anticipated by a beautiful but disturbing phrase: “A time for friends, family, and those you miss the most”. (“A time for friends, family and those you miss most.”) Of course, Sherlock fans, knowing the style of Moffat and Gatiss, immediately went looking for the meaning behind the tagline’s ambiguity.

Interviewed, Benedict Cumberbatch has launched some spoilers on Sherlock 4, specifically talking about the relationship that the detective will have with the Watson family , now that his friends John and Mary have become parents. “I think Sherlock feels very protective of them ,” he told BBC One Media Center. “Of course he is not a normal person when it comes to children, he is indifferent to the child, which is sometimes funny, but he is actually hiding his deep love for them. Sherlock is a kind of guardian angel. “It is therefore very likely that we will see the detective slightly more open to feelings, and not surprisingly the second trailer of the season showed a footage with Sherlock that pronounced an “I love you”.

Of course, Watson’s life will be completely overthrown with paternity, and his professional relationship with Holmes in Sherlock 4 will be affected . In this regard, Martin Freeman said: “John is very happy with his current relationship, being a husband and a father. […] Obviously in these circumstances everything changes, but on this show the friendship between John and Sherlock must remain central. But in reality, John went on in his life just as he did in Conan Doyle’s books. “

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